The Church at the heart of Calderwood serving Jesus Christ
The Church at the heart of Calderwood serving Jesus Christ
The Church at the heart of Calderwood serving Jesus Christ Moncreiff Parish Church Calderwood East Kilbride G74 3JJ
The Church at the heart of Calderwoodserving Jesus Christ Moncreiff Parish Church CalderwoodEast KilbrideG74 3JJ

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Moncreiff Parish Church

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Intimations 15th October 2017

  1. The Kirk Session requests that a period of quiet reflection take place when the Minister and Choir enter the Church prior to the start of the Service, and that during the Offering the opportunity is taken to spend a few minutes in silent thought.  Please ensure that mobile phones are switched off.  The Congregation’s support would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Morning Worship next Sunday at 10.30 am.
  3. Tea and coffee in the John Callaghan Hall after worship this morning.
  4. The flowers this week have been donated.
  5. Flower Calendar: The 2018 Flower Calendar has opened.  If you wish to mark a special date by donating the flowers, please make arrangements at the Caring Group table in the vestibule or at the Church Office during the week.  The suggested donation is £20/£25.
  6. The Guild will meet on Tuesday evening 17 October at 7.30pm.  Our speaker will be Mr Stan Paliwoda from Mission Aviation Fellowship.  A warm invitation is extended to all men and women to come along.
  7. The Moncreiff Caring Group would encourage you to come and pray with us at the next “MONCREIFF PRAYS” evening which will be held on 18 October at 7pm in the session room.  If you or anyone you know needs prayer or you have a subject that you think needs prayed about please place your requests in the prayer box or add to the prayer notebook on the Caring Team table in the vestibule. (Matthew 18. 19-20). For further information please contact Ailsa on 07971816862.
  8. The Caring Group’s new monthly BOARD GAMES, COFFEE / TEA AND A WEE NATTER AFTERNOON starts on 19 October 1.30-3.30pm.  We need help to set up games and in the kitchen making teas, coffees, etc.  If you can spare a little time please see us at the Caring Group table or phone Ailsa on 522896 or 07971816862.  We are still looking for board games (in good condition) for this new venture i.e. cards, dominoes, Mouse Trap, Cluedo, chess, drafts, etc. Speak to the Care Group if you are unsure.
  9. Forefaulds: The next service will be on the 26 Oct at 2.30pm (meeting at 2.15pm) - all welcome.
  10. Tickets are on sale at the Caring Group table today for the Moncreiff Family Social Fish Supper Evening on Saturday 28 October at 6.30pm.  Ticket price includes supper - Adults £5/Children £3.  The evening will have a Halloween and talent theme and will include a time for dance, games and a “Moncreiff Has Talent” open mic and instruments.  So dust off your instruments and vocal chords and come and be entertained/entertain as part of the Moncreiff family.
  11. The next Traidcraft stall will be on Sunday 29 October at close of Worship in the vestibule.  Christmas catalogues are available today from Anne.
  12. Christmas Fayre - Saturday 18 November:  We are looking for small selection boxes (about £1) to be donated for the Santa’s Grotto.  Either wrapped or unwrapped would be much appreciated. We are still collecting holiday gifts, tins, toiletries, bottles and bottle bags which can be left in the Christmas Fayre box in the vestibule.
  13. Church Quizzes: As part of the November Sale, two quiz sheets have been prepared, one on “Books and Their Authors”, the other on “Famous Films”.  The sheets cost £1 each and the deadline date is St Andrew’s Day.  We hope you will support this venture and maybe even make it known to family, neighbours and work colleagues.  Each quiz has a prize of £10 for the winner drawn on the day after closing.  All the best! Margaret Prentice and Douglas Lindsay.
  14. Keep-Fit Classes: Due to Susan’s ongoing health issues it is hoped these will resume later in autumn.  We will keep you updated.
  15. Yoga on Wednesday 3.30 pm.  All welcome.
  16. Badminton will not be on this week (18 Oct).
  17. Country Dancing on Thursday 7.30–9.30 pm.
  18. Tea Duty        Today:               A McIntyre and K McHugh

                        Next Sunday:  M Hanna, V Clarkin and L Martin

  1. Flower Duty   Today:              Mr and Mrs Lindsay and Mrs Hillis

                        Next Sunday:  Mrs McGibbon

  1. Crèche Duty  Today:               E Hamilton, M McIntyre and S Whyte

                        Next Sunday:  T Smith, S Sands and M Baird

  1. Coffee Shop will be closed this week (16-20 Oct) but will reopen week beginning Monday 23 Oct 10-11.30 am.
  2. A box is available under the book table to receive donations of dried food and tins for distribution to East Kilbride Food Banks.
  3. Please note: Intimations should be handed in to the church office in writing, or sent by email, no later than 10 am Thursday.
  4. Website & Facebook: Keep up to date with what’s going on in Moncreiff by visiting our website: and our Facebook page.
  5. Email – the church email address is


Scottish Charity No. SC016751

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