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The Church at the heart of Calderwood serving Jesus Christ
The Church at the heart of Calderwood serving Jesus Christ
The Church at the heart of Calderwood serving Jesus Christ Moncreiff Parish Church Calderwood East Kilbride G74 3JJ
The Church at the heart of Calderwoodserving Jesus Christ Moncreiff Parish Church CalderwoodEast KilbrideG74 3JJ

As you will be aware the group has been set up to proceed with the project to renew and improve our buildings, in order to better serve the needs of the community and the parish as well as our congregational needs. It is important that we maintain a presence in Calderwood demonstrating a vibrant, outlooking congregation, ministering to all God's people.


Over the next few weeks every member will receive a pack detailing the next steps in the process in addition you will be asked what you would like included in the new buildings. The buildings will not come cheap and we need your commitment to the project. As part of the fund raising we are asking you to give as much as you can. We have set a target of £445,000 to be raised by direct giving from members and adherents over the next 5 years. A sum of £107,000 has already been pledged by members of the Session and Board.


Included in the pack is a pledge form which enables you to pledge the amount and the method you wish to use. Completed forms can be returned in a sealed envelope and placed in the Pledge Returns box in the vestibule. Alternatively, completed forms can be returned at either of the pledge events on Saturday 8th.October from 2p.m or Thursday 13th from 7pm. Members of the group will be available to answer any questions you may have. All pledges will of course be strictly confidential.


Once the pledge process is complete the group will then be in a position to pursue grants and funding from outside agencies as we are able prove that we are committed to this project by the amount that has been pledged.


We ask for your prayerful support, your enthusiasm, encouragement and financial backing that will enable the work of Christ's Church to continue in our parish and community.


The development group are committed to keeping you all informed and we will be issuing regular reports and updates on the project.


Brenda McCrae

On behalf of the Development Group


Should any former members, friends of Moncreiff, or anyone else  wish to participate, more information can be found by clicking here and Pledge Forms can be printed off here. These can be returned as stated above or sent by post marked:


FOA: Project Leader,

Moncreiff Development Project,


and sent to the church at the address shown in the lefthandside column on each page of the site.



Sunday 18th September 2016

As previously advised, a survey of the local area is being carried out on behalf of Moncreiff by CJM Research. The organisation and community surveys have been done and now it’s time for the congregational survey. We can do this most efficiently by email. If we do not have your email address, please send it to the Development Group at If we do have your email address and you do not wish to be included in the survey, please advise by emailing the Group. This should all be done as soon as possible and definitely by 30th September. Don’t worry if you don’t have an email address, we can do the survey with you after Church, dates to be advised soon. All data is protected in accordance with the Data Protection Act and surveys will come from the Development Group email address. This is your time to make your hopes and aspirations for the future Moncreiff known and a full response would be appreciated.  Thank you.




Following on from the recent presentations and the positive response of Pledges from our Trustees, the Moncreiff Development Group plan a further update on the Pledge Process on Communion Sunday, 2nd October. Members will receive their Pledge Pack along with their Communion Cards during Sept and Pledge Packs will be available within the church for adherents. The group also plan to have Launch events on Saturday 8th October 2pm-4pm and Thursday 13th October 7pm-9pm.Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Group.




 On Sunday 7th August, just before our service of worship begins, there will be an update from the Moncreiff Development Group about the proposed rebuild of the sanctuary and the suggested pledging process for the congregation.  Mr John Maddock of Motherwell South Parish Church will lead the presentation and it is hoped that there will be a good turnout of members present on this Sunday.  Please make it known as widely as possible among the members of the congregation that this is taking place. Thank you on behalf of the Moncreiff Development Group.






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