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The Church at the heart of Calderwood serving Jesus Christ
The Church at the heart of Calderwood serving Jesus Christ
The Church at the heart of Calderwood serving Jesus Christ Moncreiff Parish Church Calderwood East Kilbride G74 3JJ
The Church at the heart of Calderwoodserving Jesus Christ Moncreiff Parish Church CalderwoodEast KilbrideG74 3JJ

Prayer Diary - August 2022

1 st “Lord, hear my prayer!
In your righteousness listen to my plea; 
answer me in your faithfulness!”                                  Psalm 143 v 1


2 nd We hold before you, Lord, our children who are on holiday from
school.  Bless them and those who care for them.


3 rd May   those   who   staff   our   local   surgeries   and   pharmacies   be
treated with courtesy and respect.


4 th We   pray   today   for   all   who   are   touched   by   the   war   in   Ukraine,
especially the civilians who are caught in the violence.


5 th Dear Lord, we thank you for each new day which is a freely given
gift from you.  Help us to live it well.


6 th God of work and rest, pleasure and peace stay close this day.


7 th Whatever we do today,
wherever we go today,
you are with us, Lord.


8 th Lord, we pray today for local and national agencies.  Guide their
staff in these difficult times.


9 th Healing  Lord,  be  close to all  carers and to those they care for.
Bring your healing touch to those who are ill and give patience
and empathy to those who help them.


10 th We thank you, Lord, for continued research into Covid 19. May
progress   be   positive   and   may   more   treatments   be   made


11 th We   pray   today   for   all   parents   and   godparents   who   have   taken
vows on behalf of children baptised in Moncreiff.   May they hold
fast to the vows they have taken.


12 th As   schools   are   due   to   reopen   we   thank   you   for   the   rest   and
relaxation of those past weeks and pray that when our children
and teachers return they do so refreshed in mind and body.


13 th Bless   the   ongoing   work   of   the   Development   Group   as   they
prepare for the next stage of the plan.


14 th “Almighty God, we thank you for the gift of your holy word.  May it
be a lantern to our feet, a light to our paths and a strength to our
from the Alternative Service Book


15 th “This is the day the Lord has made.  We will rejoice and be glad
in it.”
Psalm 118 v 24


16 th Caring   Lord,   be   with   all   who   are   travelling   today.   Bless   their
journey,   keep   them   safe   and   still   be   near   them   when   their
destination is reached.


17 th PERSONAL PRAYER:  Lord, here I am. Quietly waiting  before
you.   You know my needs, the depths of my heart, my deepest
most secret longings.  Fill me with your healing touch.  Amen.


18 th We   pray   today   for   all   who   have   to   make   impossibly   difficult
decisions and can see no solutions.  Grant them clarity of thought
and   an   awareness   that   you   are   right   there   with   them   now   and


19 th Lord,   thank   you   for   the   blessing   of   sleep,   for   the   time   when
bodies can rest and renew themselves and minds can be still, not
fretting or worrying.  Watch over us as we sleep.


20 th “Lord, where we are wrong, make us willing to change; where we
are right, make us easy to live with.” 
Rev. Peter Marshall


21st  The light of God surrounds me. 
The love of God enfolds me. 
The power of God protects me.


22 nd “Lord,   help   us   to   listen   to   each   other,   to   be   gentle   with   one
another,   to   forgive   each   other   and   to   be   willing   to   laugh   at
A. Ashwin


23 rd Healing   Lord,   we   bring   our   prayers   for   our   broken   world.     May
each one of us be a means of healing in our own small corner.


24 th Thank   you,   Lord,   for   the   encouragers,   for   the   text   message   or
phone call  out of  the blue,  for a chance word with a neighbour
who asks us how we are and for friends who support us.


25 th Loving Lord, we pray today for all who are in the grip of addiction
of any kind.   Free those trapped in repeat patterns of behaviour
and bring them to a place where they can move on.


26 th Lord, life goes on but for those who are mourning, the ordinary
world they used to know has changed irrevocably.  Come close to
all who are broken hearted and bring them your peace.


27 th Bless to us our weekend activities, the things we do, the people
we meet and the relaxation we find. 


28 th Dear Lord, be near to all who are too ill to attend worship today.


29 th We pray with thanksgiving for all doctors, nurses and additional
therapists and health professionals.  Lighten their stress, Lord.


30 th Dear Lord, we thank you for the faith we have.  Each one has a
different measure because we are different people.   Nurture and
feed that faith in each one of us, that it may grow.


31 st Lord as one month ends and another is about to begin help us to
take   a   little   quiet   time   to   reflect   on   where   we   have   been   and
where   we   hope   to   go   in   the   days   ahead,   always   committing
ourselves to you.




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