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Moncreiff is a charity registered in Scotland and regulated by OSCR.

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The Church at the heart of Calderwood serving Jesus Christ
The Church at the heart of Calderwood serving Jesus Christ
The Church at the heart of Calderwood serving Jesus Christ Moncreiff Parish Church Calderwood East Kilbride G74 3JJ
The Church at the heart of Calderwoodserving Jesus Christ Moncreiff Parish Church CalderwoodEast KilbrideG74 3JJ

Prayer Diary March 2020

Moncreiff Parish Church


Prayer Diary

The Church is wherever God’s people are praising,

knowing they’re wanted and loved by their Lord.

The Church is wherever Christ’s followers are trying

to live and to share out the good news of God.”


Hymn 522 v 1


“… there is nothing in all creation that will ever be able to separate us from the love of God which is ours through Christ Jesus our Lord.”


Romans 8 v 39



October 2020


6th        We hold before you, Lord, those who are ill either in hospital or at home.  Bring them your healing touch.


7th        As the seasons move and the colours of nature change may we see your glory reflected in our surroundings.


8th        Jesus said “My peace I give to you.  Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.”


             John 14 v 27


9th        Lord we thank you for the pathfinders and teachers who show us the way by their example.


10th     We pray today for all who are living with chronic health conditions.  Meet their needs.


11th     Father God, may each one of us grow in our personal relationship with you.


12th     Lord, we ask for your strength, guidance and peace of mind for all who are working with refugees and homeless people.


13th     We pray today for all who are searching for a new job.  May they remain positive and ultimately successful.


14th     Be close to all who are mourning a loved one at this time.  Bring them peace in their hearts.


15th     Father God, strengthen and uphold all who are involved in your ministry of healing.


16th     Dear Lord, we pray today for all who are in emotional despair.  Enable them to reach a quieter, more hopeful state of mind.


17th     Father God, you know me, better than I know myself.  You are with me as I go about my day, and when I lie down to sleep, you’re still holding me in your hand.  Thank you.


18th     “We plough the fields and scatter the good seed on the land, but it is fed and watered by God’s almighty hand: he sends the snow in winter, the warmth to swell the grain, the breezes and the sunshine and soft refreshing rain.”                                                                                             Hymn 229


19th     We pray today for our local and national governments as they continue to guide us through these difficult days.


20th     Father we ask your blessing on our homes.  Those which are havens of love and acceptance and those which are not places of safety, comfort, and warmth.  May your peace and love grow within them.


21st      Dear Lord, strengthen and uphold all who continue to provide essential services at this time.


22nd     May Jesus the Teacher be with all school, college, university and other places of learning staff as they navigate their way through these unprecedented conditions.


23rd     Loving Lord, we ask your blessing for all who are suffering the emotional pain of loss - bereavement, unemployment, broken relationships, family breakup and other life-changing events.  Bring your healing into these situations.


24th     Now the leaves are falling we can see the strong skeleton supporting their fragile beauty, let it be a reminder of the underlying strength given to each of us by your Holy Spirit. 

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