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It’s Summer – well I think it is meant to be. We all have our expectations about what summer should be like.  Warm days, gentle rain at night so we don’t have to water the plants (or is that just me?) and plenty of opportunities to either read a good book, go to the beach or hang out with family and friends. 


Yet, despite the longer days we still feel we are cramming life in and wondering where the time is to rest and relax. We have got so busy again.  Remember we said we would take better care of ourselves going forward after the slower pace of life in the pandemic?  Yes, me too.


A lot of people I speak to, whether retired or working, caring for loved ones, older or younger, are finding themselves chasing their tails.  Many of us seem to have added even more to our schedules, desperate to fit as much in as possible. 


There is much to be commended about making the most of life, but maybe we need to ask who or what we are living for?  Are we going to rock up at the pearly gates wondering, very briefly, where our lives went, what we achieved, what we gave away, who we helped?  Will we glance back with regret or relief, joy or sorrow? 





Human beings were always created for work – sorry to disappoint. Creation stories, including ours, speak of looking after nature, the animals and each other.  Living as families, in communities we are called to help and support one another.  But we also worship the God who believes in rest and commands it, advocates for it and gives examples of it. 


Jesus, himself, rested, went on retreat, took time alone and we even know he slept!  So folks, whatever your expectations are for this summer, please can I encourage you to find some ‘down time’ in whatever way suits you! And yes, I will try to practise what I preach as well!




And if you need permission – Jesus said:


Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

Matthew 18:11


Sunday worship is available online (livestream on Youtube), in the building at 10:30am and on the phone.  Monthly worship on 2nd Monday of the month, and Summer-sing-a-long Tuesday 2nd & 9th, Thursday 1st & 8th Aug.  Plus, the Kettle’s On is every Thursday from 10-1pm.  So, drop by anytime and check out our what’s on page for other groups still meeting over the summer. 


Happy Summer and may the sun shine bright! 


Love in Christ,


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