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The Church at the heart of Calderwood serving Jesus Christ
The Church at the heart of Calderwood serving Jesus Christ
The Church at the heart of Calderwood serving Jesus Christ Moncreiff Parish Church Calderwood East Kilbride G74 3JJ
The Church at the heart of Calderwoodserving Jesus Christ Moncreiff Parish Church CalderwoodEast KilbrideG74 3JJ




Christians Against Poverty is a huge organisation which began in Bradford in England and is now throughout the UK, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.



If you are feeling weighed down by debt, then we can help. You may think your situation is impossible, but there is hope. Our friendly team will give you a listening ear in the privacy of your own home and provide a practical solution to your debts.


Since we started helping people out of debt in 1996, we’ve helped thousands in situations like yours through our professional service offered by 293 CAP Debt Centres. Why not ring us today to begin your journey to becoming debt free?


Does it cost anything? No. Our service is completely free. We are able to provide a totally free service because CAP is a charity and receives donations from churches and individuals who want to help people.


Will my creditors cooperate with you? Yes.  We have worked with over 1,000 companies within the finance industry and we are well respected. This means that councils, utilities and mortgage companies work with us because they have seen the results of our involvement. They know we offer fair repayments based on what you can afford.

To access CAP Debt Help call 0800 328 0006



What is a CAP Job Club? Your local Job Club is a friendly place where you will receive practical help as you seek employment. It’s a relaxed environment with the chance to meet other jobseekers, get support and gain the tools you need to find work.


How do I know a CAP Job Club is for me? Whether you’ve been unemployed for a short time or several years, or you are yet to enter employment, we will help you to create a plan that works. Our unique mix of a practical course, one-to-one coaching and a supportive group mean that you will find the support you need at a CAP Job Club. Whoever you are, you’ll be welcomed as a part of your job club family.


How will a CAP Job Club be different from other things I’ve been to? All of our CAP Job Clubs are run by trained volunteers who understand the challenges you are facing when looking for work and who really want you to succeed. You will not only have group support, but your CAP Job Club Coach will spend time helping you to achieve your personal goals.


CAP Job Club is run by Thomas O’Neill in Calderwood Baptist Church. Call 0800 3280006




What is a CAP Fresh Start Group? Your local CAP fresh Start Group is a friendly group where you’ll find support to help you overcome any life controlling issues that you are facing. This could include smoking, drinking, over-eating or gambling to name a few. Fresh Start groups are based on the Twelve Steps principles and are completely confidential, creating an environment of trust and mutual respesct for every member. The groups are based in churches and run by trained volunteers who are dedicated to helping you achieve your goal of a dependency-free life.


How do I know a CAP Fresh Start Group is for me? Whether you’ve been trying to deal with something for a short time or for as long as you can remember, your local CAP Fresh Start Group can help. We offer a unique mix of practical lessons, group time and one-to-one coaching. All of our help is offered in a supportive, encouraging and friendly way.


We know it can make people nervous to commit to a group without knowing more about it. That’s why we always offer an informal, no commitment information evening as the first step. Why don’t you come along to that evening to check it out? CAP Fresh Start Groups are run in Calderwood Baptist Church by Elaine Allison, Jean Pendlebury and Neil Ingall. Tel: 07729 312773




What is CAP Life Skills? Money impacts all areas of our lives: what we can or can’t afford, our relationships, what we eat, our health and wellbeing and much more. Your local CAP Life Skills is a friendly group where you’ll gain practical skills and discover new ways to live for a brighter future.


How do I know CAP Life Skills is for me? If you want to stay on top of your household bills, see your money go further, eat well on a budget or grow in self-confidence, then CAP Life Skills is for you! It will teach you real ways to save time, money and hassle in your day to day life. You’ll learn practical skills from our trained coaches alongside like-minded people in a relaxed and fun environment.


CAP Life Skills Courses are run by Elissa Leatham and Morag Macdonald in Claremont Parish Church. Call 07848 827881 or email


What is the CAP Money Course? The CAP Money Course is a free course that will teach you budgeting skills and a simple, cash-based system that works. In just a few weeks, you will get to grips with your finances so you can budget, save and prevent debt.


The CAP Money Course was devised by the award-winning charity, Christians Against Poverty, in 2008. More than 1,100 churches run the course for their communities, with over 10,000 people benefiting from it each year.


Is the CAP Money Course for me? Whether you feel pretty organised or whether it’s like a lucky dip every time you try to withdraw cash from your account, the CAP Money Course will help you take complete control of your finances. There are extra resources for those on low incomes, self-employed people, couples, families and those preparing for retirement – whoever you are, the CAP Money Course will be relevant to you.


“Because of the CAP Money Course, I have paid off my mortgage arrears six months

earlier than originally planned.”


Building a balanced budget - Building a workable budget is vital in taking control of your money. It will help you see exactly what you are spending, how you could save money and prioritise your spending to include the things you really need or want to do.



The CAP Money system - The CAP Money system will give you a practical way of sticking to your budget. The system uses three accounts, so you can make sure your money is going towards the things you planned for in your budget.


Using cash - Using cash for your everyday living expenses is counter-cultural, but has many advantages. It’s a powerful tool to enable you to stick to your weekly budget for food and living costs. After all – when it’s gone, it’s gone! Cash enables you to see exactly where you are with your money at all times and adds more value to what you buy.


CAP Money Plus - If you find that you can’t afford your essential living costs or meet your contractual repayments on your debts, then CAP Money Plus is for you. CAP Money Plus will negotiate with your secondary creditors (things like bank loans, credit cards or store cards) and give advice about any priority debts (mortgage, rent, council tax, etc.) to help you achieve a debt free future.


The East Kilbride CAP Money Coaches will be bringing these courses to Moncreiff in the coming months. If you are interested in attending a course, or arranging a course for Girls’/Boys’ Brigades, Brownies or Guides, please, in the first instance speak to Fiona Lamont, EK CAP Money Team Coordinator, on 07973 438843 or email There are courses to suit all: CAP Money Kids (9-11yrs) CAP Money Youths (Secondary School) CAP Money Students and the main CAP Money Course for adults with variations to suit. 


Is CAP just for Christians? No. CAP will help anyone regardless of their religious beliefs. We monitor our services to ensure everybody receives the same caring service regardless of race, nationality, religion, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or disability.


Where does the money come from to fund these CAP services in East Kilbride? East Kilbride Churches Together help to finance CAP Debt Help. It costs at least £600 per month to run a debt centre. The Caring Group contributed £800 this year towards CAP Debt help. This money was raised in the main because of Neil’s dedication to the clothing bin. Each week he sorts the clothes into good, not so good and dirty (yes, dirty socks and more). The good clothes go to the hospice for their charity shop, the not so good go to a company that gives cash for clothes – Neil then passes the proceeds to the Caring Group to be used for CAP. The dirty clothes must go in the refuse bin! Claremont Parish Church and Calderwood Baptist Church fund their own services.


The Caring Group provided the funds to train Moncreiff’s Money Coach. There are some overheads like the cost of workbooks at £2 each, publicity materials and more.


Please do make use of the clothing bin and contribute clean clothes, handbags or shoes. Place them in a bag in the clothing bin, or under the Caring Group table if the bin is full. Cash Contributions for the work of CAP are also acceptable, these can be placed in the offering bags in an envelope clearly marked CAP. This will go to the Caring Group and used only for CAP purposes.


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